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Releasing Your Power to Manifest Dreams

Dream BIG…

& Believe!

I’m a Mind, Body and Spirit Alignment Coach & Healer.

I blend transformational coaching techniques with Theta Healing to offer a deep healing experience for my clients.

I offer a unique coaching and healing process, focused on belief transformation and inner alignment. Helping people overcome their blockages and fears is a core theme in my work.

By shifting the beliefs that are holding you back. We can reconnect you to a deeper alignment of your mind, body and spirit, so that you are free to create an exciting new vision for your future.

Together, we’ll uncover what’s holding you back –

So you can move forward and embrace your life fully.


have the life you dream of …

My unique healing method is designed to uncover your blocks and imprinted beliefs, and clear them from your body, mind and spirit. It is a gentle and simple technique that is extremely powerful for shifting past traumas and negative patterns in an energetically loving way.

Using my years of healing and coaching experience along with ‘inner alignment’ techniques, I will help you to transform and balance your inner world.

Let’s Find You.. Together

Do you want to feel joyful, happy and confident and to walk through your life feeling free and open to magical and wonderful experiences…

But you’re tired of the same negative patterns holding you back and you don’t know what actions to take?

Do you feel ready for real and lasting transformation, prepared to put in the work and step into your power…

But you’re unsure which is going to be the best direction to focus your energy to get the holistic and powerful results you’re looking for?

You know you’re in the right place and are excited to start your incredible journey toward true freedom…

You know how much you want to create an abundant, fulfilled life and are willing to invest in yourself to achieve your dreams?

GROUP Coaching/Healing - MEMBERSHIP

GROUP Coaching/Healing - MEMBERSHIP

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If you desire to live with passion, purpose and inner peace. Then let me help you release your blocks, find inner balance and tune in to a new level of self belief & SELF WORTH.

JOYFUL Life Course

JOYFUL Life Course

Feel happier, more motivated and ready to make positive changes in your life. The Joyful life Course is about letting go of your fears, anxiety and all that is not serving you. You’ll learn to embrace the warrior spirit in you, be more courageous and uplifted so that you can move through your life with grace and confidence.

ABUNDANCE and New Relationship with MONEY

ABUNDANCE and New Relationship with MONEY

Life can be ever better than you ever imagined when you change your beliefs and thoughts around abundance.

You will learn a whole new way of thinking about money, create powerful new habits and increase your ability to attract and manifest money. Your relationship with money will flow with abundance.

My work is dedicated to your awakening …


I believe that together we can achieve this.


Julie Dennis

Julie Dennis

Karolina has helped me identify the areas in my life that had blockages and then she helped me to clear them. Now I am free of anger I’d been holding on to for years! I will be working on myself for as long as l live, but Karolina has also given me valuable tools to add to my life tool kit for which I am very grateful.”

Emil Sundell

Emil Sundell

Karolina helped me identify, be aware of and dissolve some very deeply rooted limiting beliefs I had, originating from my early childhood. After these had been revealed and we did the theta healing part I felt so much more relaxed and in a completely different energy level.

I truly believe that there are a lot of people who could really benefit from Karolina’s help and I strongly recommend it to anyone!

You can have the life you dream of …

I will help you MOVE PAST everything that is holding you back, guide you in what POWERFUL ACTIONS to take and support you to step into your true SELF BELIEF & SELF WORTH.